Silicon Valley-based company launches establishment of THINK NEXT – a new enterprise that will be based in Norway

It is Dr. Jan-Olaf Willums, electric mobility pioneer and board member of SAMS Norway, that together with NEXT Future Transportation Inc. establishes THINK NEXT. The new enterprise intends to manufacture fleets of self-driving Pods in Scandinavia.

– Ambitious emissions-reduction targets, growing government and industry support, and rapid technological advances make Norway a perfect location for THINK NEXT, says Emmanuele Spera CEO of NEXT Future Transportation Inc.

Meaningful presence in Norway

Electric mobility pioneer and board member of SAMS Norway Dr. Jan-Olaf Willums

The Nordic countries have been at the cutting edge of electro mobility for decades, and the Nordics are adopting electric mobility innovation quicker than any other part of the world. That is why, THINK NEXT is established in Norway, with the ambition to scale up throughout Scandinavia.

– This is an exciting cooperation on the development of autonomous electric mobility solutions. Norway is one of the leading electric transportation nations in the world. THINK NEXT will have a meaningful presence in Norway, says Dr. Jan-Olaf Willums.

Willums is a serial entrepreneur, early-stage investor in technology companies and seen as an electric mobility pioneer. Willums has started and been involved in several companies and organization within the mobility field. Previously, he has been in several management roles in large companies like Oildeco and Storebrand. Today he is part of the SAMS Norway board of directors.

Sustainable mobility alternatives

Autonomous electric mobility alternatives introduce a whole new way of moving that will fundamentally change society – and improve people’s lives.

– We view Norway as a role model for how electric mobility can be realized to tackle the climate and urban congestion issues that all cities face around the world. Goals for the transportation sector can only be met with alternative forms of mobility, and we look forward to becoming a part of the solution, says Emmanuele Spera.

By choosing autonomous electric mobility solutions, you choose sustainability. SAMS Norway looks forward to following further development of THINK NEXT and its presence in Norway.

Read more about the establishment of THINK NEXT in NEXT Future Transportation Inc’s press release published here.